What Are the Pros and Cons Of a Wordpress Site?

This is a question many people wonder. Should I get a Wordpress site? My answer as usual is, it depends on what you are trying to do and how much web experience you have. So here is my brief synopsis of the situation.


If you are a writer who wants to simply update articles every day the Wordpress platform offers a path to learning a relatively easy process for updating your site. It still requires learning and you have to get used to the interface but once the site is set up for you it is relatively easy to learn how to update the site compared to having to do web coding each time.

Wordpress also offers quality functionality with a wide variety of plugins available. The idea behind Wordpress was to make creating and managing your own website easier. Some business development organizations also offer paid courses on how to use Wordpress. If you learn how to use Wordpress on your own or take one of these courses you can manage your own site and a good looking site at that.


On the flip side of things Wordpress can potentially present unforeseen problems for the novice should something go wrong that requires problem solving knowledge. For this reason many people hire an administrator to handle the site for them. Companies like Wordpress are not tech support oriented companies and when problems arise you may not solve the problem as quickly as you'd like.

Ask yourself, can you afford to have your site go down and not know how to fix the problem? If the answer is no then it's probably not a bad idea to hire an administrator to maintain your site. This is where I can help.

Note these templates are strictly design demos and are not for sale